xPlayer Digital Signage with Beaconing

Click here to access info on our patent-pending xPlayer Digital Signage with Beacon solution. Use the xPlayer to reach out to consumers on a connected screen and on mobile device screens by launching coupons, apps or websites when they are nearby (within 300' or 100m).

Deviceworx Technologies Inc.

Deviceworx is a focused team of engineers with over 150 years of collective experience. This experience supports our development of world-class Android device and Android and Apple software solutions for Mobile Marketing, Digital Signage, Healthcare and other verticals.

You have a vision for your business that requires new products based on mobile platforms, embedded platforms, or wireless connectivity. Or maybe you need to turn heads with a marketing promotion that requires comprehensive integration of digital signage, mobile apps, beacons, text messaging, loyalty and mobile web. Whether you are an established company, brand, agency or a new start-up, you can’t afford to miss capturing your market opportunity. The success of your business depends on selecting the right partner who can deliver outstanding results that fit your budget and timetable.

Deviceworx can help. We have been creatively integrating technologies on commercial handhelds including iOS, Android and Windows as well as custom embedded platforms since 2005, delivering solutions to our customers challenges. We help our customers realize their goals by moving concepts to finished solutions with exceptional results. Our team of experienced professional engineers and technologists has the knowledge and skills to do the job right the first time. Our value-added approach ensures that the solutions we develop not only meet your immediate requirements, but are well positioned for the future. Our experience supports taking your requirements and translating them into a complete solution very quickly to save you time and allow you to focus on the rest of your business. Our low overhead enables us to deliver outstanding value.

Marketing Technology Development Services

Retailers, agencies, brands and other advertisers are looking to maximize return on investment in a world with radically fluid consumer technology and behaviour. Value from traditional advertising such as print and media is being reduced as consumers elect to view digital content, including advertising, on portable devices such as phones and tablets. Deviceworx understands these technologies and how they are being used by consumers. More importantly, we understand how these technologies can be used together in a complementary way to maximize the effectiveness of each and ensure that consumer impressions are measured, valuable and maximized. We have been developing mobile marketing and digital signage solutions (hardware and software) since 2008 and few technology-focused companies match our level of expertise.


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xPlayer Digital Signage Platform with Beacon Support

If you require a feature-rich and economical signage solution for your retail business, institution or advertising network, xPlayer is the solution.


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