Chameleon for
Digital Signage

The new Chameleon for Digital Signage Extended Player or xPlayer dramatically improves customer engagement. Interact with Google Android and Apple iOS phones nearby through BLE beacons. Automatically display Apple Wallet Coupons, launch or install retailer Android apps or view retailer web pages within the phone browser. The xPlayer uses patent-pending technology to provide remote content management and features extended temperature operation with an optional cell data connection for outdoor use without a nearby Internet connection.

Simple and Reliable Digital Signage


  • All-weather Android digital signage player with pre-installed software for fast and simple installation.
  • Simultaneous digital signage and beacon support.
  • Supports simultaneous broadcast of iBeacon, Eddystone beacon and AltBeacon signals to phones up to 300’ or 100 m away with configurable range.
  • Leverage beacon signals to automatically display your Apple Wallet coupons, launch or install your apps, or display your online web content within Smartphones for users that have opted in. Draw in consumers to increase store traffic and sales.
  • Includes all the features of the Chameleon digital signage playback and dashboard support including music streaming, display of graphics, video, weather, news, etc.
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity for device management and content updates.


xPlayer extends the capabilities of Chameleon for Digital Signage technology by supporting Outdoor operating temperatures ranging from -40 to 85 deg Celsius (-40 to 185 deg Fahrenheit). The fanless and solid state xPlayer can drive LED signs, drive thru kiosks or any display running at extreme temperatures without the need for expensive heating or cooling. xPlayer connectivity includes LTE cellular data in addition to traditional Ethernet and Wi-Fi. The LTE connectivity option can dramatically reduce installation costs in locations where Ethernet or Wi-Fi are not readily available.

Perhaps the most significant feature of the xPlayer is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chip. This chip turns the xPlayer into a beacon transmitter which supports cutting-edge proximity marketing methodologies. Apple iBeacon, open-source AltBeacon and Google Eddystone URL and UID beacon messages can all be transmitted simultaneously from the xPlayer.

The pre-installed Apple Wallet within iPhones can prompt users when it receives an iBeacon transmission from the xPlayer and show users coupon-style passes that have been downloaded. xPlayer iBeacon IDs can be scheduled to notify users of different coupon-style passes at different times.

Google Chrome (on iPhones) can notify users and then forward them to a retailer web page when an iPhone receives an Eddystone URL beacon. Google's Nearby technology included within Android phones can also notify and link users to a retailer web page when an Android phone receives an Eddystone beacon from an xPlayer.

Retailer or 3rd party iPhone, Android and even Windows Mobile apps can react to iBeacon, AltBeacon or Eddystone beacon transmissions from the xPlayer. Reactions may include display of an offer or information for a product or service that is sold in proximity. Google Nearby technology also supports Android app launch and installation when signalled by an Eddystone beacon. Users do not need to install or start apps in advance!

Marketing research shows that proximity marketing technologies work best when coupled with a Call To Action (CTA) such as “Check your phone for local offers”. The best technique for getting customer attention is to show them a CTA using a digital sign. The xPlayer’s dual support for driving a screen and transmitting beacons to phones ensures the highest rate of return for advertisers.

The Chameleon xPlayer complements our standard indoor player systems to provide a complete suite of low cost hardware options to meet all your digital signage needs.

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